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 WALLACE INTERIOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED - Office Interiors, Partitions, Carpentry, Electrical, Data cabling

Data Centres, Data Suites, Communication Rooms.

We have considerable experience in the construction and fit out of data centres, data suites, computer and communication rooms  and economically rationalising small business comms rooms and computer rooms.
Maintaining UPS systems, power systems, air, dust and fire sealing enclosures.

Wallace Interior Solutions Limited has years of experience in the construction and installation of data centre, data suites  and large and small business's comms rooms and data suites, through our extensive office refurbishment works throughout London, Essex and Kent installing comms rooms for business clients and from its works with IP providers Tiscali and Pipex in Milton Keynes and Aylesbury and I21 in London.


Early experiences were the I21 Interoute switch centre at Silvertown in East london a P.O.P on the ring installed across Europe.

We carried out the installation of Tesco Net's online shopping data suite in Milton Keynes and several B2B serviced data suites for Tiscali ( now Talk Talk ) and in the early days of the internet building Microsoft MSN's comms room in Shaftsbury Avenue London allowing the relocation of servers from their old base in Reading and Homechoice TV's media upload suite in Soho in London's west end.


These experiences and our solid electrical engineering and construction back ground have given us a solid grounding in data centre technology, and over the years we have witnessed a considerable leap forward in not only the technology but clients requirement for yet more server capacity with increasing cooling and power loads, even though servers become increasingly more efficient in power consumption and heat output it is staggering the amount of server space that modern business's require but this is where the challenge lies.


Small business's comms room rationalisation

Every company from the one man band to the multinational requires a solid IT base and reliable data storage and usage.  No matter how clever the cloud back up or disaster recovery plan is there is no substitute for some fairly inexpensive measures to make the heart of the IT infrastructure much more resiliant.

Many companies have inherited or created overtime a ticking time bomb where the IT infrastructure needs to be looked at with a fresh set of eyes and the power systems can be inspected, repaired and improved. Most electrical systems can have their resilience improved drastically with just a bit time, thought and effort.  We have carried out the rationalisation of several comms rooms recently with very simple measures that have proved very effective.

  • Survey of Electrical installation, ensuring correct loading for devices, balancing loads, ensuring the correct descrimination of safety devices.
  • UPS - Simple inexpensive local UPS units can be employed to smooth power and provide short term autonomy of supply.
  • Room integrity, is the room secure, fire stopped, are the incoming communication fibres etc protected.
  • Are all power outlets protected from tampering, cables tidied to avoid trip hazard and disconnection.
  • Is there basic adequate cooling, are precautions taken to avoid the cooling adding to your risks.
  • Alarms, leak detection, pre fire and fire detection, heat detection, power failure.

These are all simple steps that we can take on your behalf to help increase the resilience of your IT infrastructure, we can work with your IT team to help protect your business, surely disaster recovery should be for just that, not a cleaner tripping over a cable and unplugging your main server cabs power supply.



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